Welcome to HAR-CON

Mechanical Contractors, LLC.

Founded in 1955, HAR-CON is a full service mechanical contractor well versed in Plumbing and HVAC. We offer our customers a full line of Pre-Construction Services, Construction Service, and Building Automation.

Based out of Houston, we specialize in pumps, cooling tower, boilers, heater, medical gas systems, computer room units, air handler, chillers, screw compressor, and hydronic heating equipment repair and maintenance services.

Whether you are building a new school, renovating an existing health care facility, or changing out a cooling tower, we have specialist who can work with you to accomplish your goals. Working with HAR-CON, you can expect quality results.


Committed to Your Success:

We will take the proper measures to ensure that the project is performed on time with the best of quality.  We believe this starts with communication. Communication is THE key to success. We must communicate with our fellow subcontractors; Fire Protection, Electrical, Framers, etc; as well as the General Contractor and/or Owner.  Through communication and teamwork, we can help determine the proper schedule that will help all of the people involved with the project to be successful.