Specializing in Great Communication

We know there are several ways to deliver a project to an owner.  We believe in being involved with the project design from the start is a great method of giving the owner a great end result.  This method has proven to minimize changes during the construction process, and keep the construction costs at or below the budget.

We are constantly training our team using state-of-the-art job cost tracking and project management tools. We understand the more efficeintly we operate, the more overhead we can reduce.

We understand the overall goal of our customers is to have a smooth, well-coordinated experience  at a fair price.  We make it our goal to deliver exactly this every day.


Design Services

Har-Con’s design team will work with the Engineer, Architect, and Owner to help develop the project design from the beginning.  This...

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New Construction

Har-Con has many years of experience with multiple types of New Construction projects. New Schools (K-12 and University Buildings), High Rise...

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Tenant Finish/ Renovation

Our tenant finish group has multiple HVAC & Plumbing capabilities.  This team can alter the existing building HVAC and Plumbing system...

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HVAC & Plumbing

Har-Con’s service team is fully staffed with qualified Technicians that have experience and training on HVAC equipment.  Technicians are qualified to...

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Building Automation

Our Building Automation team offers an array of unique energy management support.  We help customers excel with energy savings, while offering...

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Special Projects

Our special projects team brings over 150 years of experience to the table when called upon to help conquer some of...

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