About the Project

Har-Con Mechanical was selected as low bidder for 1600 square-foot central plant at 1177 SW Freeway for Spire Reality. The project consists of a ground building to house their new mechanical plant. The plant consisted of two 750-ton chiller with associated pump controls and electrical system for the building.


Construction of the new plant and keeping existing equipment on line and the normal operation of the building was the driving factor of the construction schedule.

CDI – Douglass Pye Architecture and Bury Engineering were utilized for design of the project.  The driving force of the project was to keep the building up and running for normal operation while the construction of the new building and plant were taking place.  


Har-Con was able to produce a signature project that has been used as a model for other projects in Houston. With the new plant and its efficiency we were able to lower the utility cost to foresee a payback of the building cost in a 10-year period.