About the Project

Har-Con job number 36125

Har-Con Mechanical provided engineered stamped drawings to excavate all of the driveways and exterior parking areas in order to replace the broken storm lines for this 10-story office building.

The job had to be completed in (3) phases in order to allow traffic in and out of the parking garage. There was approxemently 19,035 sq. ft. of paving removed and replaced.

Har-Con Mechanical installed approx. 600 lf of 24”, 8”, 6” and 4” scheduled 80 pvc storm line.

In order to preserve the landscaping Har-Con Mechanical bored underground from catch basin to catch basin and installed approxemently 600 lf of C900 pipe.  We provided new concrete car-stops and re-striped the parking lot.


During the construction phase Har-Con Mechanical had (90) Red Tip bushes and (6) Oak trees removed.  We Created (3) landscape beds with full ground cover along the walkway. These beds will consist of black edging, soil, Wedelia, Plumbago, Variegated Ginger, and Dianella.  

Installed drip irrigation for the remaining trees and landscaping.  Installed a French Drain and 484 linier feet of a root barrier to prevent roots from growing under the building.