About the Project

The HCC Culinary Arts Center located at 1401 Alabama St, Houston Tx 77004 was a new structure from the ground up. This project has the following systems that serve the culinary kitchens the students will learn in.

  • Sanitary waste and vent system
  • Grease waste and vent system that is heat traced and insulated to include the under slab piping all the way through the above slab piping continuously
  • Domestic hot water 140 degree water to serve the kitchen equipment
  • Domestic hot water 120 degree water to serve the general fixtures
  • Domestic cold water system including a break tank and domestic water booster pump package, water softener
  • Natural gas system serving the kitchen equipment and boilers

All of these systems were carefully designed and installed in a compact two story building Har-Con was also awarded the installation of the louvers for the intake of the outside air for the mechanical equipment on this project.