About the Project

In this project Har-con mechanical relocated two 5 Ton Century electric heat split systems for Labatt Food Service in the Houston area.  Labatt Food Service is a top supplier of produce for Independent operators, Schools, Hospitals, Dairy queens and the Military. Labatt is continuously growing, in this case, they needed to add more freezer space to store larger quantities of produce.

Using a 40 Ton Crane we moved two 2,500 LB condensing units approximate 50 ft. We relocated the units where the new freezer space was going to be. This process required the demoing of existing ACR piping and the existing drain line

Using a 36’ Boom lift and a 32’ Scissor lift we relocated two 2,000LB evaporators in -20° temperature. This process required the piping of a new 2-1/2” ACR drain line which ran approximately 50ft for both units. 


This project was successfully completed. Customer was satisfied with the service, Not only is Har-con mechanical’s facility relatively close in proximity to Labatt food’s facility for quicker service but customer stated even though we had some minor challenges and obstacles along the wayr Har-con mechanical stayed persistent, tended to the customers needs and ultimately delivered the finished product.